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Project name : godesto
Developed for : godesto
Developed by : Mr. Amjad (Senior developer )
Type : Indirect Client ( Outsourcing )

Imagine a scenario where the web association that interfaces the Raspberry Pi and in this manner the entire arrangement to the framework to web administrations is hindered while a client requesting. The Firebase Realtime Database would likewise go disconnected and, thus, the request will fizzle.

On the off chance that the web goes down for quite a while, Firebase will become inaccessible and the application will quit working and won't take any new requests, which implies business misfortune for Frshly and loss of brand. Likewise, the food things put away in the candy machines have a timeframe of realistic usability.


Clearly, the group's main goal became to make the tablet application available in disconnected mode for the time web is down or got hindered in middle of a request. For that, we expected to arrangement nearby data set. When the web is ready for action, to send request information to Firebase and sync it with Frshly worker. This implied total rebuilding of application rules and composing and altering numerous lines of code.

Technology Stack

Android Studio






Mongo DB

Network request (Android)

Retrofit with RxJava

Third party libs


Network request (iOS)


Image Caching


App Screenshot

View From The App Screen

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